13 Clowns – Kodi Addon Working 100% With New Repo

Many of you know that I a a BIG fan of any APK or Kodi addon that is easy to use or even better any that are “One Click Play” Unfortunately  in the streaming world APK’s and addons often come and go. This is the current case for the 13 Clowns a great Kodi repository as it has been taken offline. In a brief Twitter post, the dev cites “too much drama” as the reason. We aren’t sure what exactly this is referring to, but the news is disappointing to say the least.

This does NOT mean that the addon stops working immediately. Kodi scrapers will continue to work indefinitely until things change on that end. The addon will not receive any new updates or features and it looks like the repository is offline so new users won’t be able to install it.

There’s no word yet on if the Civitas Scrapers community project will stay live and updated but we hope so!

This is another reason once the auto updater from Kodi.Site goes live you will want to use it. The Team will be making sure that any users have access to the newest and best working Addons and APK’s


*****NEW REPO CAN BE FOUND AT: https://the13clowns.github.io/


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