Android TV Box WiFi Not Turning On

So here in the great white north we were blessed with a early VERY WET dump of snow that caused some power outages. I am not sure if it was coincidental timing but, I had a customer text me and say that when the power came on they were not able to connect the box using WIFI. we went through a couple basic steps and he was able to get it working again. I thought it would make a good article for some self help as I am sure he is not the only one that has had this issue.


  1. Start by confirming the WIFI is actual up and running. If you have another device that this can be tested with its ideal as this will establish if it isolated to just the Android box.
  2. If WIFI is up and connectivity with another device. try the following steps as outline from the great help article at Jolly Johns

Problem: The box no longer connects to wifi, no matter how much you try to turn it on

You may have found, much to your surprise, that you are no longer able to connect your box to the internet through wifi. You will enter settings and turn on wifi only to discover it turns off instantly. You might even try entering more settings, the extra settings area that looks more like an Android tablet or phone and try turning it on there. You’ll find that it turns on momentarily before quickly turning off. Needless to say if you want to connect to the internet and not run cables, this is a pretty important feature to have working.

The solution: It’s the USB

If you have one of these devices and have encountered this problem there’s a very good chance that you also have something connected to one of the many USB ports. It might be a mini wireless keyboard or remote control, or a USB storage device. The simple solution is to unplug the item that you have in the USB port, turn off the box at the wall, wait about 10 to 30 seconds, then plug it back in again and turn it on. You should be able to turn the wifi on again.

So that’s it. If your Android TV box wifi is not turning on anymore and you have something plugged into one of the USB ports simply disconnect the item from the USB, then power off and on the box so that it has a nice power cycle and restarts and then turn the wifi on.


For the customer who contacted me these steps resolved the issue. Please take a moment and comment bellow and let us know if this helped you out too.

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