Beast TV and Dark Media Renewals and New Customers Temporarily Not Available

As most of you are aware (and if you are not) Xtream Codes CMS (XC) is shut down as of now.
This includes all of their services and websites. XC is the main software used by 99% of IPTV (this included BOTH Beast TV and Dark Media) services to provide content to you, friends, and family. We will stop new signups and current unpaid invoices from processing until everything has settled down and we have more information direct from Xtream Codes.
Meanwhile, content is still working but we do not for how much longer and can not give a timeline until it ceases.

We will do our best to restore service to all current clients. If, in fact, Xtream Codes is permanently shut down we will attempt to migrate to a new platform. We ask everyone to please be reasonable and don’t send us e-mails or tickets.

To answer your main question – No, we are not going to run away and steal from you guys so please do not panic. Everything will be honored as per paid services and return to normal as soon as possible.

As soon as we know more details this post will be updated.

Thank you for your understanding.


Please revert to Mobdro and livenet 4.7


It is important to note that:

  1. This currently ONLY affects customers who are attempting to renew or sign up for new services.  anyone who is using Beast TV or dark media will b able to continue watching with no problems (that we know of at this point)
  2. We will continue to monitor and update as we receive information. Until such time as we give the all clear please do not direct msg as we will not be able to reply to everyone. Just sit tight and we will get everything worked out.
  3. All things being equal until we know what is going on we will not be taking on any new customers or renewals in order to avoid charge backs.


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