Beast TV Back Up and Running!

If you are a Beast TV subscriber from Kodi.Site or please head to the shop area of and add the trial to cart/checkout/download and install the newest version of the Beast TV app. You MUST have this new version that came out this evening on order to use the official Beast TV app.Official announcement bellow.


Beast TV Announcement Channel, [25.09.19 19:01]

NEW APK DOWNLOAD – (add trial to cart and check out for direct download link)

Please install this Android APK. It is the only working APP we have right now.

If you want to use an alternate APP which uses m3u please utilize this:

We are working on a new branded Perfect Player and it should be ready in the upcoming days.

We have added the USA category to start. You will see more channels added over the next few days (a lot of channel providers are still trying to get up and running so we have limited sources).

Please remember – Some channels may not be available yet or down and have no backups. We ask that you DO NOT REPORT CHANNEL ISSUES for the next little while. We are aware!

We are working on a new WEB PLAYER as well.

MAC addresses will not work right now. Sorry. We are working on getting that going ASAP.

RESELLERS – Please offer your MAC only users a STREAMING LINE and we will compensate you for it.

The only devices that really need a MAC are mag boxes. Anything that runs android like Formuler, Dreamlink and BUZZ can all run the android app or use their native mytvonline software via m3u.

So far we are very stable and we will have NFL/MLB up tomorrow.

Thank you once again from the Beast TV Team!!!

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