Beast TV Multi-View Install Tutorial

After the announcement recently regarding Beast TV Multi-View I think some have been presently surprised to see it out so quickly.

This is a stand alone app and, you may not need to replace the existing Beast TV app that you already have installed. If however you would like to check this out the new muliti-view feature you will need to get your hands on the newest VRS of the app.

The good guys at include a direct download with purchase of service or even the trial version. You may want to start by adding this to cart and check out. the email you get will have the download link.


Keep in mind a few key things.

1. This app adds the Multi-View feature as well as a few graphic updates. From what I understand it will not be tacked on the other version as update.

2. If you have low bandwidth and are having issues streaming as is this feature will likely not work well for you…That being said the updated GUI etc is a nice touch and you can use this version the same as previous with EPG as well as single stream Live TV.

3. You can now have 4 streams from 2 IPs however if you are using Multi-View for 2/3/4 streams this counts against the total streams. JUST TO BE CLEAR:

*If you are using Multi-View to stream 4 channels you will not be able to use any other device/Web Player/Android device using Beast TV app on your account as ALL 4 streams you are allowed will be occupied by the one Multi-View session.


The install is pretty straight forward I have included a few screens for help. Once you have downloaded the app and installed you will be greeted with account creation screen.

*Note that USERNAME is not the same as NAME. this if you have multiple accounts this can be managed from here by NAME. As you can see in the example bellow I have used “me” to identify one of my accounts. Once I have put in the user name and password for this account I can just click one the NAME OF THE ACCOUNT and it will log me in starting with downloading the channels.

Once you are logged in and in the main screen you will see familiar sections such as Beast Live, Beast Catch Up, Install TV Guide, and the NEW MULTI-SCREEN

Beast TV multi-view not working? Try these steps…

1. Open app

2. Goto settings in top right of screen. It looks like a gear. Click it.


3. Once in settling on the very bottom left is “PLAYER SETTINGS”, Click that.

4. Now you should see Built-in Player Options at the top of your screen. Now pick “Native” and check mark enable both OpenSL and OpenGL. Now click SAVE CHANGES.

5. Goto multiview now and all should work. Cheers!


As always don’t forget to comment bellow to share your thoughts on the new app and the Multi-Screen feature as well as share this post with others.

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