Dark Media 2.1.6 Now with Custom Multi-Screen and Search

The good folks over at Grey IPTV now have the 2.1.6 version of Dark Media available for direct download. Regardless of if you subscribe to Dark Media currently or not the best way to get the new version is to go to the shop page HERE and crab the 24 trial. You will get a direct link the both versions of the app in the confirmation email.


The New version of Dark Media “pro” has been released with a few VERY nice upgrades. If you currently have 2.1.2 installed it is recommended that you uninstall and then install the new version. this new version includes:

DarkMEDIA 2.1.6 released!
✅ Added multi screen layout options

✅ Added Search

✅ Fixed other bugs

Download from google playstore or directly from greyiptv.com with subscription

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