I will be turning my phone off for a bit here as I am getting absolutely hammered with Beast TV customer that do not know how to install the new app. Please follow these instructions bellow and msg only if you are not able to get it working. I will be replying to text later when I off work. I can verify that ALL GREYIPTV.COM accounts included transferred from are set to active so you only need to get the new app installed to be watching TV again.

  1. Go to and click on the shop tab
  2. Select Beast TV and the 48 Hour Trial.
  3. Proceed to check out can be found in two places.
  4. fill in billing info including valid email! Trial itself is $0.00 so no Paypal or Credit card info needed.
  5. You will now have a direct link for the new app in two places: The check out screen as well as the email
  6. Click on download.
  7. If you have downloaded directly to device go to home screen of device. If you have downloaded on PC please copy and paste file to UBS and plug USB into device. (any pop ups from UBS close and go to home screen.
  8. Select My Apps from the home screen.
  9. Find “file Browser” or “file Explorer”
  10. Launch the APP. and navigate to root of device c:/downloads/ (if you used PC to download file to usb you will navigate to the USB/)
  11. Select the file and click on it. Select install and click
  12. Allow Beast TV to install.
  13. open App either from the install menu when completed or back to home screen. (ANY OLD SHORT CUTS FOR BEAST TV WILL NEED TO BE REMOVED AT SOME POINT.) If you have gone back to the home screen you will want to go to “MY APPS” and you will see two icons for Beast TV. Launch the one with pinkish background.
  14. Enter USER NAME and PASSWORD
  15. Allow channels to download.
  16. You are now done!


Updates to channel will be taking place over the next few days. Please be patient.


  1. Thinking about Beast TV but I have been told that it does not work on KODI as I have tried to install the repo on my Android box but it always comes up empty. Any advice?

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