How To Set Up Guide for Beast TV in Kodi

If you are unable to use the official Beast TV APK because you don’t have an Android device to install the APK onto or, maybe you have a device that has an older version of Android firmware that is not compatible. Although other IPTV clients are out there that are compatible with BEAST TV some are at a cost and yet others require you to use the MAC address of the device itself and essentially locking the service to THAT device. With the amount of devices including smart TV’s that are compatible with Kodi these days I figured it was about time someone put out a detailed install guide on getting Beast TV installed WITH GUIDE as a Kodi addon

Although the guide and screen shots are taken from a Kodi 18 install the process remains the same from 16.1/17.6/18

It is actually a very easy process so don’t let the length of this guide of the amount of detail scare you off. I would say it requires no more level of skill than installing any stand alone Add-on or repo. This guide is also made with the assumption you have previously installed the Beast TV Add-on and are attempting to get the EPG “Grid Guide” working.


STEP 1. From main menu in Kodi select SETTINGS

Step 2. Select ADD-ONS








Step 5. Select PVR CLIENTS


Once this is installed select CONFIGURE


you will need to configure two sections:

The GENERAL section for location make sure its set to Remote Path (internet address) right bellow this you will see M#U Playlist URL. You will need to type this with ****NO SPACES and replacing YOURUSERNAME and YOUR PASSWORD with your actual user name and password that you have received when you subscribed to the service.***

from the EPG menu make sure that the Location is also set to Remote Path (internet address)

Select the line that says XMLTV URL and enter:

Again, you have to replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD with your actual account info.

press the OK button. You will be prompted to restart the client. You can press ok till it stops prompting as you can reboot Kodi once the next step is completed to finish everything off.


STEP 7. If you have not done so already install Beast TV from the official repo located at (offline indefinitely) use simple client

Step 8.  Once you launch Beast TV and enter your user name and password you will see a few menu selections. Admittedly most people at this stage click on TV Guide or even the Settings….unfortunately this will not be the case this time.

Step 9 Click on Extras and select “Integrate With TV Guide”






Select PVR TV Guide






you will be promoted for a restart but should see an update in the top right corner






press OK (may need to press OK a few times) at this point go ahead and reboot Kodi.

Step 10. Launch Kodi and load up Beast TV. Now that you have done all the work on the back end go ahead and treat yourself by pressing that button “TV Guide” from the Beast TV main Menu.






your reward for your hard work is a very nice looking grid guide for Beast TV within Kodi. Give it a few moments to pull in the guide data but at this point you should be good to go.






Take a look around and learn to navigate but otherwise enjoy!


all the URLS listed in this article can be found in the Beast TV Settings page here at Kodi.Site

As always I only ask that if you found this or any article here useful please use the share buttons. Don’t forget that we still have the free 48 hour trials so for anyone that wasn’t able to use the official Beast TV APK you can now try it out in Kodi with a guide too!

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