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This post is specifically related to a member that is reporting that he is not able to get the guide info. What at first I thought may have been a language barrier, turns out to not be the case. In preparing for another round of trouble shooting I thought best that I lay out including screen caps what someone should expect as typical behavior for Beast TV and the guide.

Follow this basic install and tips tp get the best results for your Beast TV IPTV subscription. If you have any issues after following this basic guide please comment bellow and we can be sure to resolve them.

This  install/tips guide will assume a few things the first of them being you are using the Beast TV APK downloaded HERE on an Android device of some kind. The Second is you have a valid user name and password. If you have yet to subscribe to the service it is still not to late to get the free trail for $0.00 HERE.

After you successfully log in you will be greeted with the home menu. From here its recommended you click the INSTALL EPG

Step 1.

This will start the download automatically and when download is complete you will see the screen change from Downloading TV Guide to Inserting TV Guide

Step 2.

The other way this can be done is in the Live TV section and clicking on the menu (three dots in the top right corner)

Step 3.

Select Refresh Channels and Movies

Step 4.

When this is completed you will see that from the main menu it now says EPG rather than INSTALL EPG

Step 5.

the guide is now available two ways. The more traditional grid guide that replicates the guide from most cable and satellite providers.

Step 6.

And the Live TV guide view. In this view you will see that the current program and upcoming programs are listed but no synopsis.

Step 7.

for anyone that would like more than the default four hours of guide info on the EPG view ensure that you have gone into SETTINGS IN BEAST TV and enable Show Full EPG.

Step 8.

Also in the SETTINGS IN BEAST TV you will find EPG Time Shift if you need to align guide with time zone.

Step 9.

I would also recommend the in the SETTINGS IN BEAST TV under the section for Automation you enable BOTH

Auto-Update Channels & Movies

Auto-Update EPG

Step 10.


If you are using Beast TV with the Web player and not using the official Beast TV APP for Android and Firestick the guide will automatically load with the program info below the preview screen.


As always people please take a moment to comment bellow if you found this useful and please feel free to share with the social media buttons bellow.


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