Is Morpheus TV the best replacement for Terrarium TV?

So as Many of you know know September 11th the developer of Terrarium TV pulled the plug and announced he would no longer be supporting or developing the product. This left a HUGE void for people that find Kodi and even the best working addons to be….shall we say….clunky.

Enter Morpheus:

There are some of the really unique features of Morph TV that makes it, the one of the best streaming app for Android. The app offers you inbuilt support for subtitles and also has an inbuilt player which is one of the best video players in any android streaming App. Don’t forget to go into the settings and disable this if you do not want or, need sub titles as they are on be default. Although some people may get frustrated with this I can assure that the people who use sub titles such as my mother in law love that they do not have do search for and download sub separately.

Morph TV also supports Trakt TV. So, if you have Trakt TV account, you can sync that with Morph TV.

This app very lighter compared to Terrarium and it works smoothly on any device.

This APK is a very user friendly interface with super easy to understand color coded results and guess what it just works!

More often than not from the time I press play to video playing on screen is less than 5 seconds with no buffering


Here is a quick summary of the Features of Morph TV:

  • Fast & Reliable Streaming source
  • Subtitles support for every video from OpenSubtitles
  • Option to download videos offline
  • Supports
  • Inbuilt Video Player (best video Player in a Streaming app)
  • Supports Casting to other devices like Chromecast, Roku etc
  • Option to Customize Subtitles
  • Option to turn on/off the specific streaming Sources
  • Autoplay with preferred Quality and Source
  • Clean & Intuitive User Interface
  • Huge Collection of Movies & TV Shows


Recently the developer pretty much said all good things must come to end and enjoy the APK while the scapers are still working. With this in mind I 100% stand behind with APK and agree that if you are looking for replacement for Terraium or, just a streaming app the works well. This is what I use for 90% of my streaming needs.

Morpheus TV can be directly download HERE

Post bellow with your thoughts and comments on Morpheus TV

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