Morpheus TV Slow Death and Replacements

What a week! I will not dwell on the fact that my favorite repos have all gone down and taken some of my favorite Add-ons with them 🙁 but, it looks like the long awaited slow death of Morpheus TV is creeping ever closer.

As I am sure Most of you reading this will know Morpheus TV announced in 2018 with the last 1.66 update that it would not longer be supported or worked on.

I have always preached the merrit of not putting all your streaming eggs in one basket but I really do understand why many people have done so with Morpheus TV. Since its release Morpheus TV was the go to app for most of my family members due to the ease of use and easy to understand color coding for stream quality even the automatic subtitles and, for some the auto play feature.  For these reasons Morpheus TV is/was the king of point and click streaming APK’s  for most users and especially first time users who took one look at pairing in Open Load with Kodi and would be out.

Clone Apps have sprung up in the last several months however, I can not confidently say they are running any better with my personal experience sources are drying up VERY fast. A quick search for a new movie tonight that is in the top 5 trending movies had all of two sources so, it looks like in the cat and mouse game that is streaming its time to move on.


Feel free to comment bellow with what you feel is the best alternative or, clone for Morpheus TV. Right now I can confidently say that Titanium TV (Clone of Terrarium TV) is working great and for anyone that was a fan of Terrarium you will be at home immediately. Click on the post bellow for direct download link to newest version 2.0.16

Titanium – Terrarium TV 1:1 Clone




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