Titanium – Terrarium TV 1:1 Clone

For a lot of user Terrarium was the one and only app they used for streaming movies and TV so, when it went down in September of 2018 a lot of people went into panic mode. Although I always recommend have a few options for stand alone streaming apps as well as current working Kodi addons I must admit that the blend of easy of use and quality of results from Terrarium was missed. Morpheus TV is a close second but with the developer all but saying that he will not be supporting it any longer so enjoy it while it lasts, I was VERY happy to come across this Terrarium clone today and for anyone longing for the days of Terrarium TV you are in luck. Titanium TV APK is a video streaming app that is as close to a 1:1 clone as you can find.

The database consisting of video contents of over 20 languages, Titanium TV has a great collection. The app also provides subtitles so that you can watch video contents of any languages. Although not recommended you can also watch them offline by downloading contents from Titanium TV

Titanium TV APK provides a wonderful user interface and, very easy to navigate.

Features of Titanium TV APK for Android

If you are looking for the best app to get your favorite movies and TV shows for free, you have come to the right place. Titanium TV APK for Android is an amazing video streaming app with top class features. With the amazing collection and features, Titanium TV APK  for Android has fixed its place at the top among the best streaming apps.

1) It has a huge database. You can find movies and TV shows in different languages. It is categorized on the basis of its genre. It offers you thousands of video contents, old and new of various genres. It is hard to find a movie that is not there in this app.

2) Another amazing feature is that you can download movies and TV shows from this app for offline viewing.

3) You can watch movies and TV shows in multiple media players. This means the app is able to play video contents of different formats.

4) The video contents are of amazing quality. Almost all of them are in HD quality. High-quality sound files add to the amazing movie experience that the app offers.

5) There is a subtitles section in this app. Subtitles of more than 20 languages are available here. Now you can also enjoy video contents of different languages with this feature.

6) The app also notifies you whenever new episodes of your favorite TV shows or movies of your interest are added.

7) It also supports Chromecast, DLNA, and similar casting apps so that you can cast the video contents to bigger screens.


Click HERE to Download Titanium TV APK (LATEST VERSION)

Changelog: (Titanium TV APK v2.0.16)


  • Fixed Providers.
  • Fixed RD Providers.
  • Minor changes in the overall design.

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