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A lot of people ask me about VPN service and if they need it or, if it will protect their identity. Having a VPN application never hurts. It helps to keep you anonymous while browsing the internet, and can be used to circumvent geographical restrictions placed on a lot of online content. Unless you want to pirate stuff, Tunnelbear is one of the best VPN apps you can use on your Android TV. Even though the app is not yet optimized for Android TV, it works perfectly fine, and actually looks rather good.

Tunnelbear gives you 500 MB data free every month, and you can buy one of their paid subscriptions to increase this limit. For basic browsing, though, 500 MB will probably suffice you. Do note that Tunnelbear will not let you download items that use P2P protocols, for security, and legal reasons. There are a lot of other VPN apps for Android that you can use, as well, should Tunnelbear not meet your expectations.


check out Tunnelbear official site for pricing and more info


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  1. I honestly think VPN’s are useless. Most people running VPN’S are trying to hide something and do kid yourself the people that set these VPN sites up work for governments. Anything you do on the internet is tracked no matter what.

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