Update & Repair Service

Is your Android KODI box running poorly and needs repair? We can fix it!


We Can:


  • Have your box running better than when you first bought it
  • Save you the larger expense of buying a new Android TV Box when your’s may be perfectly good for years to come
  • Put your mind at ease that you will now have access to support when you need it


The truth of this industry is that there are many changes that can occur within a year and that you should have your Android KODI box updated at least once a year to ensure that it continues to run at optimal performance.


We go above and beyond with our repair / programming services ensuring that we not only apply minor and major updates to your box, but also wipe it down to free up as much memory as possible (which is the main cause for slow performance). We will also update core system applications, Install newest applications, update KODI and whatever else we find that you are in need of.


We will equip you with essential applications that will help you to keep your apps current and let you customize your box as you see fit. This empowerment will have you less dependent on anyone to get you what you require..


Let Us Become Your Customer Service Agents Going Forward!


included in our android box kodi update, we will become your customer service agents as if you bought a box directly from us in the first place. If you need help with your Android TV Box contact us and we will help you!


Android Box fixes/updates for most makes and models of Android TV boxes, will update your programming so it is running the latest 2017 or 2018 software, depending on the model of your box – with the newest apps and add-ons, making finding your show as easy as possible, and ensuring the smoothest streaming you can get.

New Customers: $25 plus $20 per each additional box


Please contact me via TEXT or email if you have any questions. The number is TEXT only ****